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Repair the Body, Refresh the Mind

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60 min, $54.99

Traditional Sauna

25 min, $29.99
Add to Your Float, $9.99


3min, $49.99

Add to Your Float,


NovoThor Light Bed

20min, $19.99

Add to Your Float,


NormaTec Sleeves

25min, $19.99

Add to Your Float,


Choose The Lifestyle, We'll Provide The Solution!

Membership Prices


The Weekly Practice             $29.99/Week  

  Sauna/LightBed/Normatec       $9.99ea. Anytime

             Cryo Session                  $24.99 Anytime

           The Bi-Weekly Practice          $39.99/ 2 Weeks       Sauna/LightBed/Normatec          $9.99ea. Anytime 

                Cryo Session                 $24.99 Anytime 

6 Month Commitment

Credits can be shared with 1 additional person

*sessions expire 30 days after purchase*

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Chad Erb

This place is amazing. As a lifelong suffered of anxiety and extreme stress this was an awesome experience. Korey made us feel relaxed and welcome for the moment we step foot in the spa. We started off with some zen O2 and water and then he walked us through step by step how the whole process works. We then started floating and I felt my body relax and I just let my mind go where it wanted to go. I would recommend this for anyone. Give it go and you won't be disappointed!!